Faith in Texas Executive Director Akilah Wallace Responds to Chauvin Verdict

Faith in Texas Executive Director Akilah Wallace issued the following statement in response to former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin being found guilty on all counts related to his murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020.

“George Floyd should still be alive. As should all the other precious lives lost at the hands of those meant to serve and protect. I pray this verdict provides some consolation to the Floyd family as they continue the difficult journey of healing. 

Sadly, Derek Chauvin is not the only police officer who has abused his power, nor will he be the last. This verdict is accountability for one man and the only semblance of justice available to us now, but until we address the root causes of the conditions and climate that allowed for this tragedy to occur in the first place, we will continue to find ourselves here again and again. Case in point, as the Chauvin verdict was being read, a teenaged girl in Ohio was shot and killed by police. There was no time to process the developments of one tragedy before being gut-punched with yet another. 

As people of faith, we are called to, “Do what is just and right. Rescue from the hand of the oppressor the one who has been robbed” (Jer. 22:3 NIV). For every victim robbed of their full life; for every family robbed of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, and other irreplaceable members; for every community robbed of neighbors and friends––we can no longer let this call go unanswered. George Floyd deserved better. Daunte Wright deserved better. Ma’Khia Bryant deserved better. Adam Toledo deserved better. Diamond Ross deserved better. Botham Jean deserved better. Atatiana Jefferson deserved better. WE DESERVE BETTER.

This complex, multilayered moment is part of a lengthy, ongoing journey to combat systemic injustice and co-create the Beloved Community we all deserve and desire. Faith in Texas will persist in the work to dismantle the oppressive systems that continue to target our most vulnerable community members, oppose legislation rooted in white supremacy and racist values, and reimagine true safety, justice, and liberation for all people.”



Visit the coalition website to learn more about the Texas George Floyd Act currently moving through the Texas legislature:

Join our Rapid Action Network to stay informed about how you can partner with Faith in Texas during the ongoing Legislative Session.

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