About Us

Faith in Texas engages people, communities, and voters through community organizing, civic engagement, and leadership development to create pathways of opportunity for all Texans to thrive.

To affect change at the local and state levels, Faith in Texas aims to:

Name the lies and false narratives

that undergird injustice and threaten our collective power and liberation.

Pursue and promote grassroots funding.

Demand accountability and transparency

from our public systems and elected officials.

Develop a new generation of community leaders and elected officials

to establish, protect, and promote community-centered issues, policies, and systems.

Build broad coalitions

across race, class, and faith that reflect the many stakeholders in our community to engage in strategic action to dismantle unjust systems

We do this through

• Policy Campaigns and Integrated • Voter Engagement • Leadership Development and Faith Formation • Deep Listening and Research • Public Action and Civil Disobedience • Storytelling and Strategic Communications

Our Mission

Who We Are

Our Vision

Universal Truths

We affirm and root our work in these five universal truths:

We believe that every person is a sacred creation and therefore has inherent worth. For this reason, we reject and resist all forms of discrimination, prejudice, and division due to faith, belief, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, national origin, or economic background. We reject behaviors and narratives that seek to dehumanize others for any reason. 

Although we recognize that the consequences of toxic, divisive, hierarchical systems impact all of us, we prioritize the voices of our neighbors closest to the pain. Our sacred texts often focus attention on and accountability to those who are vulnerable, marginalized, or oppressed––so should we. Those most impacted by the systems of suppression and oppression are in a key position to help us understand how to address what is harming them.

Power is the ability, capacity, and strength to accomplish a desired outcome. Organized, collective action can shift systems toward sharing power in an accountable way. Effective community organizing builds power by:

  • Forming alliances across lines of race, class, age, faith tradition, and socioeconomic backgrounds to leverage the collective strength therein.
  • Centering the people most impacted by injustice to collectively and strategically implement change.
  • Creating participatory and accountable systems that promote democracy, protect human rights, and ensure everyone has a role to play in the decisions that affect their lives.

A person is free when they are able to exist in full liberation, empowered to prosper and pursue their divinely-inspired purpose with self-determination to the extent that it brings no harm or detriment to a neighbor.

Freedom is obstructed by unjust laws and systems, especially racism and classism. We believe it is our responsibility as leaders to work within and through our faith traditions and communities to teach, preach, and collectively seek freedom and justice for all people.

We recognize a higher power, through our many traditions, who compels us to take powerful, prophetic action in alignment with our diverse faith and beliefs, and rooted in our shared values and universal truths. We believe this higher power is beyond comprehension, working with and for all people for justice and peace everywhere.

Current Conditions

The greatest threats to our vision are oppression and suppression, most commonly manifested in the inequitable systems of white supremacy, capitalism, and racism, rooted in the values of dehumanization, fear, and belief in false narratives.

in housing, healthcare, lending, and job creation trap people––especially people of color––in spiraling poverty and debt for the benefit of the extremely wealthy.

warehouse people of color, poor people, immigrants, and those with mental illnesses for profit.

 pit impacted people against one another to benefit those who currently hold the most power.

To ultimately overcome these threats, Faith in Texas is purposefully building a multicultural, directly-impacted-led movement with faith and race at the center of our work. We are forging a new social identity that bridges divides and values equity, interconnectedness, and integrity over party affiliation.

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