Faith in Texas Joins Over 100 Faith Leaders to Sign Letter Supporting Texas George Floyd Act

Today, Faith in Texas, along with CAIR, Texas Impact, and faith leaders across the state, held a virtual press conference in support of the Texas George Floyd Act. More than 100 leaders and organizations from diverse faith and religious backgrounds have signed on in support of the Texas George Floyd Act (HB 88) and all of its components. 

The George Floyd Act is comprised of several bills encompassing a range of reforms designed to prevent other people from enduring the police misconduct that George Floyd and other Black and Brown Texans have experienced. 

“In this legislative session, we have an opportunity to do something revolutionary to liberate oppressed people who suffer at the hands at times of law enforcement. These bills are the first step to addressing that. We should reimagine what safety looks like in this country and I think we can do it beginning in the Lone Star State. I urge Texas legislators to have the courage to do that new thing. To be a part of history that says we are contributing to the type of change that will allow people – all people – to be protected.” – Rev. L. Robin Murray, Faith in Texas Lead Community Organizer

The letter reads, in part: 

“As people of faith, we yearn for peace. But peace demands righteousness and justice.  We stand united in the belief that this moment, and George Floyd’s death, demands meaningful police reform. In this critical moment, we are called to address our policing culture at the very roots, not only for the Black community, or even the community as a whole but for police officers as well.

The Texas George Floyd Act is a strong bill and a good first step towards addressing the injustice that George Floyd experienced at the hands of police and that many Texans experience every day. It is about correcting things that we know are wrong. It is about safety for all people. It is about peace, justice, strong communities, and safe neighborhoods.”

View the full letter.

“The George Floyd Act is long overdue for Texas and we are calling our faith leaders to join one of our State’s most important calls to action of our time by standing for justice. Now is the time for our Texas legislature to pass meaningful, common-sense laws that will hold law enforcement accountable and make our communities and their families safer. Racial profiling and brutal abuses by police are a reality that disproportionately impacts Black, Indigenous, people of color, and low-income people in the state of Texas and across our nation. To work on building unity and healing, we must begin by honoring George Floyd’s memory by working in solidarity across all faiths by supporting true reform that delivers that.” Ambreen Hernandez, Director of Operations, CAIR-Houston 

“Texas Impact supports the George Floyd Act because the power of the State should be used to strengthen minority communities and democratic institutions—not to protect white privilege. Our faith traditions teach that all people should have equal access, equal opportunity, and equal protection under the law because all people are created in God’s image.” Bee Moorhead, Executive Director, Texas Impact

The George Floyd Act is supported by a growing statewide coalition of more than 70 groups. More information about the coalition can be found at its website,

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