Faith in Texas - 2022 Capital Campaign

Faith in Texas – 2022 Capital Campaign

Faith in Texas is a nonpartisan, multi-racial, multi-faith grassroots movement of people united in values work- ing together to achieve economic, racial, and social justice for all people. Faith in Texas envisions a world in which economic, racial, and social equity enable everyone to live in complete liberation to pursue our divine purpose and participate fully in the systems and processes that govern our lives. We affirm and root our work in these five universal truths: (1) All humans have inherent worth and deserve to be treated with dignity, care, and respect. (2) The most directly impacted people should be the center and driving force of solutions (3) Organizing should build power that is shared by all (4) Freedom is an inalienable right (5) God is at work to restore justice in our society.

We are organizing the power of faith communities to confront the root causes of pain and suffering in our most directly impacted communities across Texas. Our current campaign addresses both short term and immediate community needs as well as long term systemic change.

Immediate Goals

Push Dallas County to pass a resolution that requires criminal justice stakeholders to build a decarceration plan for the Dallas County Jail.

Prevent increases in homelessness and displacement while combatting “Not In My Backyard” (NIMBYism) across North Texas.

Long Term Goals


Secure 10% of funds given to Dallas through the American Rescue Plan and divert it to re-entry services such as transitional housing, transitional employment, mental health services, etc.

Reduce 25% of Dallas County jail population, which will allow the County to divest from mass incarceration and invest in the community needs of our neighbors who we bail out of jail every month such as housing and jobs.


Creating a model of identifying deep pains and burdens across the state of Texas start ing with listening campaigns and moving into community organizing in faith communi ties.

Expanding overall electorate throughout Dallas, Collin, Denton, Smith, Rockwall and Tarrant counties.

Including voter registration at key events as well as partnering with Dallas Votes to work on general election strategies.

Ongoing Efforts

Leadership Development

FiTX continues to invest in leadership development and faith formation. We are contin uously seeking out directly impacted individuals to develop into a new generation of leaders and decision makers to establish, protect, and promote community-centered issues, policies and systems.

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About Us

Faith in Texas engages people, communities, and voters through community organizing, civic engagement, and leadership development to create pathways of opportunity for all Texans to thrive.

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